Functional Comparison of Selected Kinematics and Kinetic Parameters of Gait Initiation in Young Men and Women
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1Chief of Talent Identification Departments of Khorasan Football Association
2PhD student of motor behavior (motor control), Ferdowsi University, Mashhad. Iran
3full PHD
Introduction: Important factor in achieving the desired pattern in steady state gait, is the using an appropriate pattern at the initiation of gait. So that, studies reported that the cause of more than half of the falling is the Choosing unsuitable pattern at the initiation of movement. initiation of gait refer to the Transition from quiet standing to the steady state gait that involved all of activities during of swing leg heel of to the stance leg toe off. Many factors can affect this phase of gait that gender difference is one of them. According to these cases, the aim of this study was to functional comparison of selected kinematics and kinetic parameters of gait initiation in young men and women.
Methodologhy: 26 young subjects in two equal group of females (with average and standard deviation of age 21.8±1.08 years) and males (age 23.3±3.1 years) participated. To measure the kinematic and kinetic parameters, motion analysis system (Vicon 460), force plate system (kistler 9286A) and electromyogram (biometrics model) was used respectively. K-S test and the independent T-test was used respectively ensure the normal distribution data and compare the parameters (P<0.05).
Results: The results showed significant differences in the speed of gait initiation (p = 0.005), hip (p = 0.02) and knee (p = 0.00) flexion range of motion, Speed of swing limb separation from the ground (p=0.01) and stance limb gluteus medius muscle activity (p=0.02) between groups.
Discussion: Gender differences were the most impact to the kinematic parameters of gait initiation than kinetic parameters. In addition, in contrast with steady state gait, in many parameters of gait initiation such as speed and distance of gait initiation women was better. This shows that the functional pattern of gait initiation phase is different from steady state gait.