The effect of the course of mindfulness meditation training on sport performance in Semnan university volleyball players
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4Semnan University
Introduction: The athletes require mind controlling to achieve success. Nowadays mindfulness is one of the skills which is notable for coaches and athletes. Mindfulness meditation training prevents absent-mindedness in sport and help to aware of internal and external stimulation that is why people with higher level of mindfulness are able to learn sport performance easier than the others. Mindfulness involves non-judgmental awareness and experience of the present moment. The purpose of present study was to identify the effect of mindfulness meditation training on sport performance in volleyball players.
Methodology: The procedure for this experimental study was conducted by pre-test and post-test with the control group. The statistical population of this research includes 48 members of the Semnan university volleyball players. Randomly selected and divided into two groups of experimental and control. The experimental group received mindfulness training Consist of a six week program which includes two 30 minute section per week. While the control group did not do receive such program. Before and after this intervention both of the groups received pre-test and post-test. The Iferd test for skills volleyball was used for this purpose.
Results: The data analysis conducted by mixed anova showed that there is a significant increase in the total sport performance in experimental group. Findings indicate that mindfulness meditation training program is the best way to increases sport performance in the volleyball players.
Discussion: As mentioned, the effective role of mindfulness in sport can have stable role in sport performance. Thus according to this findings mindfulness meditation training improves volleyball skills in Semnan university volleyball players.