Barriers of Women Entrepreneurship in Sport: a Phenomenological Approach
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assistant professor/ Arak University
Introduction: Women entrepreneurship is one of many types of entrepreneurship that women involved in business and innovation. After two world wars, the growth of women entrepreneurship in developed countries was seen, So that 25% owners businesses are women, although, their revenues are lower than men. According to national statistics, women entrepreneurship in developing countries have different situations and some barriers to growth in their business, so the purpose of this study is to survey barriers of women entrepreneurship in the sport from the viewpoint of women entrepreneurs who have some activity in the sport and presenting suggested solutions.
Methodology: In doing so, women entrepreneurship can be studied from the different dimension and it can be affected by many factors. The research was descriptive-applicative one and was conducted as a survey. Based on the research essence, a phenomenological approach was used. Phenomenology is essentially a study of the phenomenal world of life and it looks to the world as people take it, not as a separate. The strategic sampling was snowball one and we interview from 15 people. The content analysis of interviews and their coding were used.
Results: The most important of the individual barriers for women entrepreneurship in the sport was the lack of independence in the financial resource, involvement in family, lower self-confidence to men in creating enterprise and most important of environmental barriers were lack accessible to financial resources, lack of experience and skills.
Discussion: So, considering determinant indicators based social value added for entrepreneurship, this research support from participation for entrepreneurship in sport, improving social attitude and quality of life by women entrepreneurship.