Advantages and disadvantages of attendance of Iranian women at the stadiums for watching football matches
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Introduction: The arrival of women to the stadiums has been one of the most controversial debates for years. This is a right that is considered by many people as a natural right .On the other hand, also has many opponents. Iranian women can not attend stadiums, while women in other countries are allowed to enter the stadiums during international competitions in Iran. According to international law, it is forbidden to prevent women from entering stadiums. So, we are looking at the question of what are the advantages and disadvantages of women entering stadiums?
Methodology: In terms of its purpose this research is applied and in terms of collecting data is qualitative-quantitative. The statistical population of this research is the experts and people who are aware of the subject including: sports science specialists, sociologists and religious experts. Through interviews with them, various aspects of the benefits and disadvantages were examined and then the factors were graded through exploratory factor analysis.
Results: The attendance of women at the stadiums was considered from various dimensions (religious, economic, cultural-social, and political-legal) . The presence of women in the stadium will lead to an increase in the quality of the games, an increase in the number of spectators, an increase in the confidence of the AFC and other sports organizations in order to host the sporting competitions to Iran.
Discussion: Since all the countries of the world are subject to equal rights of women and men in all fields, including sports, and the existence of various sensitivities by international sports organizations for the presence of Iranian women in the stadiums has always been at the expense of Iran's hosting and given the various interests that come from various aspects, including tourist attraction and economic growth, it is expected that the authorities will provide the necessary conditions for the presence of women in the stadiums.