Identify and prioritize barriers to the development of Martial Arts Federation according to Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
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1Associate professor, Department of Sport Management, Islamic Azad University, Damghan Branch
2Islamic Azad university, Damghan Branch
Introduction: The development of sport and the importance of its place in international competitions has attracted a lot of attention from the state to this phenomenon. In addition to the social and economic impacts, the success of the countries in the international sport arena is a symbol of the stability and prosperity of all the countries and one of the reasons for the high investment of countries in the championship and professional sport comes from this case. In the meantime, countries around the world focus on sports that can get more medals in sporting competitions. Among these sports should be martial arts. The aim of the current study was to identify and prioritize barriers to the development of Martial Arts Federation according to Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).
Methodology: Participants in this study compromised experts and scholars who were familiar with the strategic management in the formulation or implementation of the strategies involved in the sport (n =41). in order to provide couples with the scale AHP and confirm its validity by 6 experts. The weighting and ranking of barriers were identified by the Expert Choice software.
Results: The results showed that factors such as the importance of not having martial arts in schools, lack of effective planners and appropriate planning at macro level, lack of support for financial support, lack of media protection in promoting martial arts, and important obstacles to the development and progress of the Martial arts federation. Also, among the six factors, management and planning barriers are considered to be the main barrier to development and progress.
Discussion: It seems that with proper planning, the appropriate strategies can be set up by the use of qualified individuals for talent, establishing relationships with private and public organizations in order to support financial support. Also, holding competitions and inviting the media to encourage people to participate in martial arts and convene meetings with the officials of the Sports and Youth Organization and, subsequently, the Ministry of Sports and Youth, in order to establish standard places, can be taken to progress the development of martial arts.