The Constraints of Banks Sponsorship from Sport
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1Allameh Tabataba'i University
2PhD in Sport Management, Faculty Member of Allameh Tabatabaeii University
3Allame Tabatabai University
Introduction: Sports sponsorship can be a beneficial marketing promotional tool for different organizations. Banks as important organizations which play an important role as financial reference for people and different sports organizations in domestic and global banking industry competition, can use sponsorship in sports to introduce, create a favorable social image and attract the audience. So removing or restricting banks sponsorship constraints in sports can improve marketing activities which in turn results in retaining the existing supporters in this field and improving the sports and banks economic situation. The purpose of the present research was to identify the Iranian Banks sponsorship constraints in Sports.
Methodology: The method of this research was applied and qualitative, implementing interview technique in nominal groups using thematic analysis. The population was the Sport sponsorship managers of the whole governmental and private Iranian banks (N=19) that were active in sport sponsorship affairs. The research tool was in-depth interview using open-ended discussion with single respondents.
Results: The constraints of banks sponsorship in sports includes of five categories, which are: legal constraints, economic constraints, media promotional constraints, feedback constraints, and management constraints. Each category includes a set of problems of bank sponsorship.
Discussion: Since no studies were found regarding the sponsors' constraints after entering the arena of sponsorship, it wasn't possible to compare the results of this study with the similar ones. Based on the findings of the research, in order to eliminate the banks' sponsorship constraints some suggestions were proposed, including: The banks are recommended to observe media rights and consider the necessary proceedings to show their brand through the media. Furthermore, instead of spending on television advertising and texting, they are recommended to spend on sport sponsorship in order not to face budget deficit if they want to stay active in the field. At the time of their contract, they should specify the amount and manner of cooperation of athletes and sports officials in the advertisement of the bank and consider the benefits such as: providing ticket and assigning a special place at the time of the tournament for the bank staff, mentioning the name of the bank in the interviews after sport successes, etc. It is recommended to the federations to have better time planning to propose sponsorship to the banks, the text of pricing be transparent, fixed and written.