Comparison of anthropometric characteristics and body composition of northern and southern Iranian young male soccer players
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Introduction: Anthropometric characteristics and body composition of various athletes has been investigated in a great deal of research as many researchers have hypothesized that athletes often exhibit those structural and functional features which are suited to the sport in which they compete. Further, it is a well-known fact that there is a huge interest in improving athletes' performance, as well as identifying talents, strengths and weaknesses assisting optimal training programs. On the other hand, athletes from diverse ethnicities and climates may differ in previously noted features. Thus, the present study aimed to compare anthropometric characteristics and body composition of young players from two soccer clubs.
Methodology: Twenty-six young male soccer players with average age of 17.46±0.98 years old took part in the study. They were recruited from Dokhaniat F.C. (Guilan) and Mes Rafsanjan F.C. as the representatives of northern and southern Iranian soccer clubs, respectively. Anthropometric variables such as length and girth of the limbs were measured. Moreover, body fat percentage as a main indicator of body composition was determined using 9 sites measurements of skinfold thickness. Anthropometric and body composition profiles of the athletes were provided and reported using mean and standard deviation. The independent-sample T test was used to compare athletes from two clubs. The significance level was considered p<0/05. All the statistical analyses were performed by SPSS 21.
Results: The main findings of the study (Dokhaniat vs Mes) are as follow; Weight (kg): 67.71±6.93, 67.54±6.49; Height (cm): 179.14±6.5, 181.91±5.01; Sitting height (cm): 91.78±6.62, 88.5±5.45; Length (cm) of thigh: 44.78±3.44, 45.58±1.56; and Calf: 47.57±3.03, 47.91±1.78; Circumference (cm) of Chest: 88.67±3.93, 88.25±4.45; Arm: 29.92±1.59, 30.54±3.51; Waist: 78.78±2.8, 76.2±5.82; Hip: 91.78±3.45, 92.45±3.76; Thigh: 51.96±1.78, 49.45±3.04; and Calf: 37.64±1.3, 36.91±1.56; BMI (kg/m2): 21.05±1.29, 20.36±1.07; Body fat percentage: 15.1±2.35, 19.57±2.9. There were significant differences in thigh circumference (p<0/015) and body fat percentage (p<0/001) between groups. No any significant difference was found for other variables.
Discussion: Despite some differences which were found in body composition of players from two area, there seem to be similarities in major anthropometric characteristics of the participants and young soccer players exhibit an almost long stature and lower limb, highlighted muscularity along with average body fat percentage. It would be noteworthy that young soccer players tend to possess higher amounts of subcutaneous fat tissue mainly in torso. More specifically, thigh, by far, showed the greatest amounts. Plus, the second highest amounts was for abdomen.