Review the main factors in the process of policy-making of sport for all in Iran
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1Associate Professor, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran
2PhD student in Sport Management, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
3Master of Sport Management, Al-Zahra University, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: Sport for all is related with the community and aimed to spread joy and happiness, boosting morale and increasing motivation, having a healthy individual and social life, reducing family and social abnormalities next to strengthening physical stamina and eliminating mental problems in different stratum of society including men and women, old and young people. That is why addressing it and applies the right policies to achieve its goals, if it is not higher than the importance of athletics, is not less than it. The purpose of the present study was review the main factors in the process of policy-making of sport for all in Iran
Methodology: Research method in terms of the purpose was practical and in view of the nature of the research data was mixed design. Executives and experts of sport for all were considered as statistical population. The sampling method for qualitative section research was convenient and with using targeted sampling techniques and based on the sampling criterion was conducted with16 people. The data were collected through interviews. Then data from interviews by Streubert and Carpenter’s method (2011) coded and analyzed. For quantitative section samples were selected randomly and data were collected by questionnaire. The items of this questionnaire were extracted from the systematic interviews with the managers and executives of sport for all. The reliability of the questionnaire was calculated by Cronbach's alpha method (α = 0.83). Data analysis in this section was done with using SPSS software and Friedman test.
Results: In qualitative section the results showed that current policies, the advice of leaders, concerned and responsible agencies and organizations, popular culture, media and financial factors that are involved in the process of policy-making of the sport in Iran and how to design presentation of issues related to the sport for all at all levels of society through the media, relevant and beneficiary’s organizations or institutions and social demands. Also there was a significant difference between the current and favorable situation of the influencing factors in policy making of sport for all.
Discussion: The research results revealed factors that there are in policy-making of sport for all’s system which can be according to these factors to decide on the policy-making process in this system.