The Effect of Cognitive Behavior Therapy Exposure Technique on Sport Injury Anxiety among Athletes (Case study)
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1MSc student of Sport Psychology
2MSc Student of Sport Psychology, Allameh Tabatabai University
3Student of Sport Psychology, Tehran University
Introduction: Exposure therapy is a common technique in cognitive behavior therapy to help treat anxiety disorders but there are few papers as for its efficiency. The purpose of this research is to examining the effect of exposure technique in sport psychology.
Methodology: The subject was a 21-year-old athlete from Downhill Mountain biking with high level of anxiety about sport post-injuries in his field. Common procedures in cognitive behavior therapy is behavioral analysis, psycho education, exposure to physical sensations, in vivo exposure and relapse prevention. Protocol package was performed during 6 weeks for the participants. Research design was conducted as a case study with graph presentations. Measures were administrated twice at pretest and post-test and at a one month follow up. Data were collected using Sport Injury Anxiety Scale (SIAS).
Results: The results showed positive effects on anxiety of athlete. After the intervention which the athlete perceived, the intensity of athletes' anxiety was reduced significantly. The results of the follow-up test were more impressive than before. Results of this study provided positive support for the effects of exposure in reducing anxiety among athletes.
Discussion: Cognitive behavior therapy in sports is based on providing a proper condition to help athletes. In this, we used Cognitive behavior therapy framework and exposure technique to reduce, manage and embrace anxiety. We presented how exposure could be used among athletes. Authors strongly recommend this method to reduce anxiety in sport environments and among athletes in all level.
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