Effect of Eight Week Playing Therapy Program on Motor Skills of Down Syndrome Girls
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1shahid chamran ahvaz
2Shahed chamran university
Introduction: There are a large group of children and adults in our community with certain aspects of mental, physical, emotional or behavioral characteristics that differ from other peers. The purpose of the current study was to investigate the influence of Eight weeks Playing Therapy Program on motor skills of girls Down syndrome.
Methodology: The purpose of the current study, 30 girls Down syndrome in the town of ahvaz welfare organization with the average of 9.3 ±1.11 years and IQ of 58.14±6.84 with purposive sampling method were studied. All boys Participate in pre-test. Then, Participants based on sampling method divided into two groups (each group: 15 Participants) and considered as the control and experimental groups purposefully. In this research, for assessing the gross and fine motor skills we used sections of Bruininks _ oseretsky test. The experimental group did the Eight weeks Playing Therapy Program for 24 sessions of practice, and each session was for 45 to 60 minutes which was practiced three days in a week After 24 sessions of practice both groups were post test. In order to study the research hypothesis, nonparametric Wilcoxon and U Mann Whithney test were used.
Results: The results of the statistical tests showed that Training course have significant effect on gross motor skills in training groups (p<0.05). While, the impact of this training course on gross skills was not significant statistically (p>0.05).
Discussion: The findings showed that training program used in the current research is to improve the gross motor skills in girls Down syndrome and can be useful and used as the training program in training centers.