Successful techniques and point losing KPI's in final competitions of karate world championships – Austria 2016
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Paper ID : 1526-11THCONF
1MSc. Student of Motor Behavior, Allameh Tabataba’i University, Tehran, Iran
2Assistant Professor of Motor Behavior, Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: Excelling in the performance of his or her chosen sport is the major aim of any elite athlete. The aim of this study was to understand and determine frequencies of successful techniques and point losing KPIs executed during Karate World 2016 final competitions in both individual and team matches.
Methodology: All the ten final competitions of individual and team matches in Karate World Championship 2016 have been downloaded in HD quality. By the help of Kinovea video analysis software and Excel Microsoft Office 2013 the data of the matches has been recorded. The data collected provided information on the most predominant scoring technique(s) and also point losing KPIs which can discriminates winners from losers. A total number of 52 scores and 86 point losing KPIs in the final competitions has been analyzed.
Results: The results indicated that there was significantly predominant scoring technique(s) which separates winners from losers. The most frequently scored technique was “Kizami-Zuki” or “Jab”, and the most point losing KPI among others was “Wrong Technique Selection”, 42.3% of all scores registered were through execution of Kizami-Zuki while “Wrong Technique Selection” was placed at the top of point losing KPIs by 31.3%.
Discussion: As it is clear, there is a big shift from Gyaku-Zuki to Kizami-Zuki in recent Karate World Championships which shows the increase in action and reaction speed among Karate fighters because Kizami-Zuki travels a short distance to hit the target and also it is used as a quick and sharp punch to keep someone from coming close to you. Furthermore, selection of wrong technique which is highest among point losing KPIs is another clear evidence of speed increase in today’s Karate competitions.