Evaluation of Quality Indicators of Alzahra Sports Places in Tehran using the SERVQUAL scale
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1Visiting Professor in kntu
2عضو هیات علمی دانشگاه خواجه نصیرالدین طوسی
Introduction: Exercise and physical activity as a social reality have existed from very remote times in human societies and form part of everyday life of humans. Today, the role of exercise in the physical and psychological health of citizens is not about anyone, especially in today's machine life, where most people are not well-motivated and poorly motivated, physical education and sports can play a significant role in providing mental health and well-being. Certainly, you need to have a suitable bed and space to do sports activities. One of the most important tools for sustainable development in the sporting field and sport is the presence of places and sports spaces. Therefore, since sport can play a significant role in responding to the individual (physical and mental) aspects and providing the necessary groundwork for the citizens' collective life, sports venues as one of the most popular applications at the level The city is prominent.
Methodology: Measuring quality of services in sport industry still is a controversial issue in a way that it is one of the most important subjects in service management and athletic marketing, therefore the ultimate purpose of this research is to assess the gaps between perceived and expected quality of Alzahra athletic locations from costumers points of view via indicators of quality according to Servqual model. So, four hundreds Questionnaires were distributed among the users in 22 Alzahra athletic locations which were selected randomly from 55 locations in Tehran.
Results: Using one sample t-test revealed that there were a significant difference in all indicators of quality (sig=0.00). Also, There were greater gaps in Availability of emergency room, the suitability of the club's capacity, the suitability of personnel behavior during rush hours, and the completeness of equipment and sports equipment.
Discussion: Considering the fact that there was a significant difference between expectations and perceptions in all quality indicators of consumer, to improve quality and satisfaction it is suggested that club officials pay special attention to each of the quality indicators of Servqual model.