Effects of Brand Personality on the Sport Products Consumers' Behavior
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1Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Ahar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahar, Iran
2Academic member
Introduction: Brand personality is considered as the core and the closest variable in customers' decision making during their selection. Brand credibility is one of the customer's desires to choose a product. Brands create special identities for products in most markets, and connect them to a specific group of community. Such goods have apparent applications and create sense of identity and confidence for customers in terms of psychology, and thus the customers are ready to pay different prices for products. In addition, the superior brand unconsciously refers to a better product quality for customers. Buying a brand product, customers believe that they have received valuable things in return for their money. When consumers once experience certain brands, they feel more comfortable with then, and have higher desire to use those products (Nasiripour, 2010). Therefore, the present study aimed to investigate the effect of brand personality on the sport products consumers' behavior.
Methodology: The research method was descriptive-correlational. The statistical population of research covered customers of sports stores in Ardabil. The statistical sample of study contained 384 sport customers who were selected by simple random sampling. Standard questionnaire by Geuenset al (2009) and also the consumer behavior questionnaire by Farajollahi (2014) were used to assess the brand personality. Data analysis was done through structural equation modeling based on the Partial Least Squares (PLS-SEM).
Results: According to results of model analysis by PLS based on the structural equation modeling, the modified model had good fit (GOF=0.497) Brand personality had a significant positive effect on the sport product consumers' behavior (β=0.722, Sig=0.001). Brand personality components also had significant positive effects on the sports product consumers' behavior (P <0.01).
Discussion: The results of the present research indicated that the brand personality had a significant positive effect on the sport product consumers' behavior. Results of the present study were consistent with research by Ahmad Thyagaraj (2015) and Honarjou (2017) and Gorbani et al (2017). Aaker believes that brands give promise to consumers by defining their personality. These features remain in the consumer mind like an image. Product consumers are like the spokesmen for brands; and brand personality becomes a basis which creates the brand communication with consumers (Lin 2010) and affects the consumer behavior.