The impact of brand identification on the trend towards fitness-related exercises with fashion mediation in girls
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1MsC Student of Sport Management, Sanabad Golbahar University
2Imamreza international university
Introduction: In the competitive atmosphere of the sports market the development of strong relationship between consumer and brand requires attention to emotional aspects such as brand identity. The brand identification is a conceptual derived from social identity theory has recently entered the brand management literature, and it describes how consumers can introduce their identity using a specific brand to others. On the other hand, the increasing attention of the media to sports, beauty, fashion and media shows the cultural aspects of fitness and beauty, which has attracted people, especially young girls, to the physical beauty. Therefore, the present study investigates the effect of brand identification on the tendency toward fitness-related exercises with fashion mediation in girls.
Methodology: The research method was descriptive-survey. The statistical population consisted of female students in dormitories of universities in Mashhad (N = 2730) who according to Morgan table, 335 of them were selected as statistical sample. Three standard questionnaires were used to collect data. In order to confirm the face and content validity, a questionnaire was provided to five sports professors and after those necessary corrections has been made; the Cronbach's alpha test was used to determine the reliability of the questionnaire.
Results: The results showed that brand identification has a significant effect on the tendency of girls to fitness-related exercises and fashion can play a mediator role in this regard. Brand identification also has the ability to predict 65 percent of the change in girls' attitude to sport.
Discussion: According to the results, fashion can be an important factor in the tendency of young girls to exercise and fitness and as a positive factor used by the authorities of the country. The nature of meanings assigned to fashionable clothing increasingly depends on the historical characteristic and cultural characteristic of the community and has had a significant impact on consumerism.So designers of clothing and sportswear (brands) can design appropriate models for the promotion of health and well-being.