Iran's Quantitative and Qualitative Scientific Production in Sport Sciences
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Introduction: Nowadays, research and scientific production is conceived of as one of the main infrastructures for countries' development. The number of papers published in the world's accredited journals and that of their received citations are of main criteria of measuring scientific production. This study aimed to investigate Iran's quantitative and qualitative scientific production in sport sciences.
Methodology: As a scientometric study, this study used quantitative and qualitative indicators of Scimagojr (SJR) database for analyzing the document published under the name of Iran in the field of sport sciences during the time spam of 1996-2016 (a 20-year time spam). The number of papers published and the mean rate of h-index of publishing researchers were conceived of as quantitative and qualitative indicators of scientific production, respectively.
Results: In this time spam, Iranian researchers produced 864 papers on the field that ranks Iran as 31st in the World, 3rd in the Middle East and 6th in Asia. The h-index of Iranian researchers in the field amounted to 39 that ranks it as being 40th in the World.
Discussion: Iran has not an appropriate rank in scientific production in the World and Asia. The mean rate of citations received by each paper in sport sciences is relatively less than those of Iran's total citation rate and less than half of World's rate. Considering the effect of scientific collaboration on scientific growth of countries in this field, the best approach to an increased contribution in this field is to absorb the scientific collaboration made by International and nationwide researchers.