Determining the role of the conflict (opposition) management in generating creatively of the staff of physical education of Hamadan province
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Introduction: The aim of this study is to determine the role of conflict management in development of creativity in the staff of physical education of Hamadan Province. The society of the present study includes 90 individuals of the deputies and the experts of the administration of the youth and the sports of Hamadan Province. The statistical samples of the research were selected as equal to the number of the society as 90 subjects. Conflict management is the planning process for avoiding conflict where it is possible and arrangements to solve it where it occurs. Based on the available theories, the creative skilled human force is the main factor for the development of creativity, because the starting point and/or the turning point of creativity are the creation of an idea.
Methodology: The statistical society of the present research includes 90 individuals from the deputies and experts of the administration of the youth and sport of Hamadan Province. The statistical sample was selected as equal to the 90 subjects of the society. Two conflict management standard inventories in three levels of non-confrontation, solution focus and control with five point Linkert scale and Randsepp standard Inventory of creativity, including 50 questions, were used. In inferential statistics section the Kolmogrov-Smirnov test, Pearson and Spearman correlation test and the multiple regression test were applied.
Results: With regard to the Pearson correlation coefficient of 0.595 and the significance level of p≤0.000, we conclude that there is a direct significant relationship between the components of conflict management and the creativity of the experts of the youth and sport of Hamadan Province.
Discussion: From the results obtained it can be inferred that not only conflict is harmful for the organization but also is an important and necessary issue. The existence of conflict within groups and organizations is a normal issue which is beneficial for that group or organization and enhances its performance and creativity. Therefore, an average level of conflict leads to the optimal performance. Thus, the conflict should be managed in a way that promotes the advantages of the optimal stimulations of the new ideas and viewpoints.