Examining the Relationship of Dark Triad Personality Traits with Doping Attitude of Iranian Competitive Athletes
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1Student of Sport Psychology, Tehran University
2MSc student of Sport Psychology
3Assistant Professor of Sport Management, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran.
Introduction: The use of performance enhancing drugs is known as doping, which is defined as the occurrence of an anti-doping rule violation and can be a drastic threat to an athlete's psychological and physical health and also, violation the spirit of sport. Understanding athletes’ attitudes to doping continues to be of interest for its potential to an international anti-doping system. Scholars identified attitudes towards doping as a pivotal factor that indirectly influences doping behaviors. Further, noticeable theoretical frameworks that are designed to explain why athletes’ personality traits shape doping attitudes. However, to this day, scholars continue to look at the relationship between attitudes toward doping and personality traits, such as the dark triad personality traits. The purpose of present study was to explore the relationship between the Dark Triad and Doping attitudes among a sample of competitive athletes.
Methodology: This is a descriptive and correlational research. The statistical sample of research comprises of three hundred and eighty four elite and non-elite competitive athletes. Data were measured using two questionnaires: Dark triad and Doping attitude. Data was analyzed using Pearson correlation to find out the relationship of variables and multivariate regression to predict the criterion variable and Regression Analysis.
Results: The results of Spearman correlation analysis showed that there is a significant and positive correlations between Machiavellianism and Narcissism with attitudes towards doping. According to result of this study, athletes who score highly on the dark triad probably like to use performance enhancing drugs. Understanding more about the correlation between the Dark Triad and attitudes towards doping will boost our ability to apportion variance to personality traits. This may have a significant impact on how at-risk athletes are identified.
Discussion: It is suggested to sport psychologist and coaches who should pay attention to these athlete’s traits.