Bidding for Major Sporting Events: Barriers and Challenges faced by Sports Governing Bodies in Iran
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1razi university
2Razi university
Introduction: Because of the complexity and intense bid competition to host major sporting events, national governing bodies' decisions to bid or not to bid, careful planning and accepted justification is essentially required. The aim of this study is to identify and rank the obstacles and challenges facing sports federations in Iran to bid and host international large-scale sporting events.
Methodology: A combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods was followed for data collection. The sample of the study was 16 managers in Iranian sport governing bodies with snowball sample selection method for qualitative data and 140 sports managers for quantitative data. The entire sample was high-level sports managers in Iran. Delphi's method was used to explore and list the challenges, according to the sports experts' attitude. Accordingly, a questionnaire containing 36 questions in seven different categories of barriers were answered by 126 sports managers. Its reliability was confirmed by 25 experts and Cronbach's alpha was 0.79. Quantitative data evaluated by using descriptive statistics (mean, SD and t-test) and Friedman test for ranking the challenges.
Results: The results identified and ranked challenges facing sports federations to host large-scale. The most important challenges are respectively: Legal issues and international communication, lack of technical infrastructure, inadequate government support bidding and hosting, limited financial resources and lack of sports sponsorship, the cost of staging the bid and organizing events, cultural and social issues and knowledge and management issues.
Discussion: The results of data analysis showed that the criteria for a successful hosting major sporting event or large scale event of international sports federations in Iran in the recent sports infrastructures situation and overall supports are inappropriate. The gap should be planed and recovered if the legacy of sports event was intended.