Predictions and Consequences of Sport Spectators Loyalty: The Study of Iranian Attending at FIVB Volleyball World League
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1Associate Professor, Kharazmi University of Tehran
2PhD student at sport marketing, Kharazmi University of Tehran
Introduction: Organizations continue to survive only if they have created a degree of loyalty in their customers. If the goods and services meet customer expectations, they will feel satisfied in the result that the customer will be loyal to the organization, and will help rebuild their presence and encourage others to re-enter and regain the survival of that organization and company. The purpose of this study was to investigate the predictions and consequences of volleyball spectator’s loyalty.
Methodology: A total of 372 Iranian spectators world league volleyball were selected as the sample. As the research tool measurement we used questionnaires include attitudinal loyalty of Gladen and Funk (2001), team quality of Zhan and et al (1997), overall satisfaction of Lim (2006), Re-attendance Lim (2006) and WOM Zeithaml and et al (1996). A simple regression analysis was used to test statistical assumptions.
Results: The results showed that there is a positive and significant relationship between all research components. Team quality made the spectators satisfied (β=0.506, P<.01) and consequently loyalty (β =0.327 and P<.01) to the national team. Also, satisfaction with loyalty has a positive effect (β=.377, P<.01). Loyal spectators generate more profit, re-purchases (β =0.5, P<.01) and advertise positive for the organization's product or service (β =0/469 and P<.01).
Discussion: It can be said that the Volleyball Federation can increase the quality of the national team and its events (from the manager and the players to the service to the spectators) by using the arrangements, which will satisfy the audience, trust, promotion and reaction. Emotional, commitment and consequent loyalty to the national team. On the other hand, customers who are satisfied with a product or service, love it, become loyal to it, and encourage others. Loyal audiences generate more profit, make more purchases, and advertise for the product or service of the organization. The limitations of the research were that the audience was willing to watch the matches only for men, so, given the current constraints governing stadiums, it is suggested that women be present. A similar study was conducted on female fans who were the media of the league championship follow the World Volleyball.