Influence of various sports advertisements on attracting karate sports students among Tabriz citizens
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Islamic Azad University of Tabriz
Introduction: Nowadays consideringthe existing challenges in sport including: Extending sports and creating variety in them, specialty them, making sport into an industry, getting away from the traditional mode attention to exercise among societies has become more important than ever, Iran is not an exception. Sports marketing contains all of the activities which are designed to fulfill the needs and responding to probable wishes. Advertising, if it is frequent and purposeful, promotes the desire to purchase or use the service provided. Even sometimes, people are so exposed to special advertisements that try to raise their living and income levels. Considering the importance of advertising as one of the roles of the marketing mix and costing it, it is necessary that the advertisement be properly and appropriately implemented in order to be effective in proportion to the cost involved, it can profit and profit in the long run.The purpose of this research is to investigate the effects of various sport advertisements on attractingkarate sport students among Tabriz citizens. To test the hypotheses, a survey has been done.
Methodology: In this activity 282 people had took part and the SPSS 23 software for calculating the effect of advertisements such as : Brochure, Poster ,Internet , Telegram ,Histogram was used. To investigate the significance level of T-Test, the significance level was P≤0.05.
Results: The results showed that sport advertisements by poster(p=0.03) ,telegram(p=0.04), Histogram(p=0.02) have positive effect on attracting students while there is no outstanding and significance effect on another sport advertisements such as Internet (p=0.06) and brochure (p=0.06).
Discussion: The result of this activity would help the marketing , managers and sport officials and karate coaches in the attracting new students