The Priority of Factors Affecting on Decision-Making Style of Sport Products Buyers
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1Allameh Tabataba'i University
2University of Urmia
Introduction: considering today's competitive market in Iran, all manufacturers and importers of sport products have scientific and cognitive content in the manner and style of decision making of sports equipment customers. therefore the purpose of this study is to prioritize and rank the factors affecting on decision-making style of sport products buyers.
Methodology: The method of this study is descriptive and survey type. the statistical population of the study consisted of all male and female clients who came to sport stores located in Monirieh. the sample size was determined by the Cochran Formula (n = 185). The tool of collecting data was a questionnaire on Purchaser Style Inventory for Sport Products by Bae et al (2009). that its formal and content validity was confirmed by 11 sport marketing experts after translation and localization with the culture of the country, and the reliability of the whole tool was obtained through the Cronbach's alpha coefficient (a = 0.73). The validity of the questionnaire structure was confirmed by confirmatory factor analysis.
Results: The results showed that the component of brand is the most important and after that, the components of quality, verification, price, fashion, reaction, recreation, confusion and habit have the least important.
Discussion: According to the results of this study, that have importance of the mental conflicts of the buyers of sport products with brand and the quality of sport products in the decision making style of their purchase, Provides many practical applications for corporate executives and stores, especially marketing directors and sports product vendors that by contemplating the psychological and social processes in brand making and the quality of their products, they create perceptions and a good mental image for buyers. So that buyers identify their company through the use of the brand.