The effect of short-term supplementation of tomato juice on VO2max and anaerobic performance power of young male soccer players
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Introduction: Proper nutrition is vital for growth during the years to maintain healthy physical fitness and development of athletic capacity. The most important and effective way to increase ability and reach the peak of fitness is to combine effective exercise and nutrition. The overall aim of this study was to investigate the effect of short-term tomato juice supplementation on VO2max and anaerobic power in young male football players.
Methodology: 28 people of the young male football players (With a mean age of 17.30 ± 0.85 years, Weight 67.30 ± 6.75 kg, Height 178.30 ± 4.80 cm and Fat percentage was 5.3 ± 2.14) Were selected randomly and divided into two groups of 14 experimental and control groups. The research protocol was included an anaerobic power test (Rast test) and Cooper's (12-minute running) Which was performed with a 30 minute rest interval before and after two weeks of supplementation by pre-test and post-test to measure functional indices (anaerobic power and VO2max). Experimental group consumed 320 ml of tomato juice daily at two meals, on exercise days one hour before exercise, one before dinner and on non-training days on two dinners before breakfast and dinner and the control group continued with regular exercises along with the experimental group. For statistical analysis, Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests, ANOVA, Bonferroni and independent t-test were used at the significant level (P<0.05).
Results: The results showed that short-term supplementation of tomato juice (320 ml / day) significantly increased the performance indicators of anaerobic power and VO2max in the experimental group compared with the control group and the pre-test stage after two weeks of supplementation in Young man soccer players.
Discussion: The addition of tomato juice can increase the exercise performance (aerobic and anaerobic power) in young soccer players, therefore advisable to include caution in addition to daily exercise and diet to increase exercise performance.