Comparison anthropometric measurements in girls and boys aged 8 to 9 years old
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2Department of Sport Physiology university of Gilan
Introduction: Evaluation individual movement ability may be useful for predict individual talent in the specific skills. The success in talent identification depend on survey carefully of basic abilities (Barun 2005).The purpose of the talent identification is usage of index predictable potential capacities for identifying individuals in the critical ages aimed achieving better results and less costs (bumpu 2003). investigation and study of body size, shape, composition, influences the maturation and function of the human body to use, compare and anthropological categories are that include body measurements. Human Studies in performance limitations and capability suggest that in screening target population in terms of sports development, role of physical fitness, physique and physical dimensions will be very effective. Exercise scientists, physician and specialists use from various anthropometric techniques in important fields as talent identification, body composition assessment, measurement result of training and physical capabilities benefited. One of the auxiliary factors in different sport, including the main criteria in talent identification are biometric capabilities.This research Comparison anthropometric parameters in children of girl and boy (8 to 9 years).
Methodology: The present study is Quasi- experimental and field study. The statistical population were 8-9 years old Children, all of whom were studying in second grade of elementary Alborz province. 30 females and 30 males were randomly selected and were evaluation in selective anthropometric sizes. The mean and the standard deviation were used for the data statistical description and the analysis variance was used for test research hypothesis.
Results: In the size of the height and width of the body, Boys were better than girls that only was showed significant difference in the size of the Stand and sitting height. But Girls are better in the circumference size of the bodies, but only significant difference was showed in the circumference thigh size.
Discussion: Investigation the hypothesis test, showed that the effect of gender on the size of the height and width of the body, boys are better but only in the size of the Stand and sitting height difference is significant. But the circumference size of the bodies, Girls are better and only significant difference is in the circumference thigh size as important indicators predict talent identification in athletic fields are affected the factors. The results showed that boys are better in size height and width of the bodies and the circumference size of the bodies the girls are better.