Compare Some of the Physical Fitness & Motor Fitness of Men and Women's National Shooting Team of Iran
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1Master of Sport Biomechanics Department of Physical Education and Sport Science Islamic Azad University of Tehran Markaz
2PhD student of Motor development, Department of Physical education and Sport Science, Islamic Azad University of Tehran Markaz, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: Shooting is a sport that is both scientific institutions and the practical procedures for study is appealing. This field is one of the most complex sports science and physical and mental preparation requires a high in good condition. Studies show that, if the athlete on the basis of physical and technical ability to be not only a continuation of the increases in sports competition, but also increase access to higher goals. Readiness and the ability of your body to prepare two major health-related fitness and performance skills are divided. Previous studies showed that there is a significant relationship between static balance and anthropometric indices shooters (koley et al., 2012). Also check out the anthropometric and physiological profile shooters Hindi showed that VO2MAX lower than international standards (Mondal et al., 2011). The aim of this study is to compare some factors of physical fitness and motor fitness national shooting team of men and women in Iran.
Methodology: The population consisted of 45 members of Iran's national shooting team of men and women. 32 people, 16 men (age 28.62 ± 4.60 years, height 177.56 ± 5.05 cm, weight 74.21 ± 8.46 kg) and 16 women (age 23.12 ± 1.54 years, height 164.18 ± 4.21 cm, weight 58.06 ± 8.07 kg) in the sample were selected purposively. 3 factors of physical fitness: including flexibility, strength and muscle endurance, cardio respiratory fitness. And 4 motor fitness factors include: static balance, speed, power, foot and fingers reaction time was evaluated. For statistical analysis, the mean and standard deviation, KS test and independent t-test was used (p≤0.05).
Results: The results showed that in all elements of Physical fitness and motor fitness, there are significant differences in all factors, men are better than women.
Discussion: The results showed that men are better than women's static equilibrium factor. This finding was consistent with research Gypsy and colleagues. Mondale was antithetic VO2MAX factor research results that this difference may be due to racial differences, environment (geographical) is. Because of the high demand of motor sport shooting ability. Factors such as speed, strength, endurance and balance are important factors in the success of shooters. In general, given that few studies have been done on the shooting field results can be fertile ground to help the issue of talent in the sport of champions in the field provided.