The effect of exercise therapy and manual therapy in patients with frozen shoulder
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Introduction: Frozen shoulder, which is one of the most frequently occurring diseases in shoulders, is known to be caused by contraction in the articular capsule, reduced volume in the articular cavity, and histological fibroplasia due to various reasons, including changes in the degenerative tissues around the joints Frozen shoulder can cause gradually increasing pain due to the adhesion between the articular surface and the hypertrophy of the joint synovium as well as a gradually decreasing range of motion. Although it does not induce neurologic muscle weakness by itself, as shown in cervical radiculopathy, it can cause difficulties in the movements used in daily living due to pain and the restriction of the joint’s range of motion . The purpose of this study was improve the range of motion of the shoulder and decrease shoulder pain via exercise therapy and manual therapy in physical therapy clinic.
Methodology: The subjects of this study were 12 people with frozen shoulder (female:7 and male:5) with age average (29±4.4). For investigation of range of motion we used goniometer. And for investigate the shoulder pain we used pain questionnaire. Then the participants attends in therapeutic exercise program for 6 weeks. Exercise therapy included pendular exercise and shoulder exercise with ball and manual therapy included physical therapy mobilization techniques.
Results: In the beginning and ending of period pre test and post test was taken. Collected data was analyzed statically by using t independent and dependent statistical method. All analyzes were done in a significant level P<0/05. The results of the research are: a significant decrease in pain of shoulders. A significant increase in range of motion (P<0.05).
Discussion: This study had shown in patients with frozen shoulder and shoulder pain must do programmed exercise. These exercises and manual therapy techniques are effective in decrease of pain and increasing of range of motion.