Designing Competency model of sports marketing managers using by exploratory mixed approach
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Paper ID : 1710-11THCONF
1Head of Sports and Youth Department of Ardal County
2Tarbiat Modares University
3دانشگاه شهرکرد- دانشکده ادبیات و علوم انسانی
Introduction: The main objective of this research was designing competency model of sports marketing managers using exploratory mixed approach in Iranian football Premier League clubs.
Methodology: This research was a kind of exploratory blend designs. In the qualitative section, for data collection were used theoretical sampling and deep interview with elite (17 people) and for data analysis was used the foundation data theory (used in three stages of open, axial, and selective coding). Validity and reliability in the qualitative section were obtained in accordance with qualitative research survey. In the quantitative section after collecting the questionnaire from the qualitative section and its distribution, 244 questionnaires were collected and analyzed. Validity of the questionnaire of 71 questions was confirmed by the opinions of the professors. Also, convergent and divergent validity and reliability of the questionnaire were obtained using Cronbach's alpha and combined reliability. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was used to analyze the data. For statistical analysis were used from Smart PLS, SPSS and EXCEL software.
Results: In the qualitative section, a total of 682 primary codes were obtained from the analysis of 17 interviews. After extracting the same code were identified 112 distinct open codes. 22 variables were identified in four groups of competencies: basic (including behavioral and personality), intelligence (including strategic intelligence, emotional intelligence, political intelligence, social intelligence, ethical intelligence, business intelligence, competitive intelligence, organizational intelligence and cultural intelligence), professional (including skills, public management, sports and knowledge) and operational (including marketing mix, brand management, global marketing, marketing research, customer management, sales management and ethical-islamic marketing). In the quantitative section some of the relationships in the proposed pyramid model derived from the qualitative section (which were designed according to the literature, elite background and views) were not approved. And competency model of marketing managers were designed in a circle with respect to confirmed relationships.
Discussion: Since this model can be a rational basis for the use of sports marketing managers in the clubs of the Iranian premier league, which creates the sports appraisal capability of sports marketing managers; it is suggested that decision makers and line managers in the country's clubs use the four components of the present model (and their sub-sections) in the selection and application of sports marketing managers in the clubs of the country.