Strategies and consequences resulted from management context of Mashhad city’s water parks: A qualitative approach
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1دانشجوی دکتری تخصصی مدیریت ورزشی دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد
2Imamreza international university
3عضو هیئت علمی دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد
Introduction: Today, the sports industry has a major contribution to national income generation and entrepreneurship. Considering the audience's needs, fallowing to develop a relaxing atmosphere of sport and healthy competition in health and vitality, various sports businesses have been formed, including: water parks. Due to the community's need for healthy recreation and tourist attraction, these parks are on the rise. The present research has identified the strategies and implications of managing these businesses.
Methodology: This study was carried out qualitatively and based on the Strauss-Corbin Paradigm Model. The statistical population of the study was water park managers in Mashhad city. Using snowball sampling method, 12 were selected and interviews was done to the extent theoretical saturation.
Results: According to the Axial coding and selective coding process, the most important categories identified were classified as follows: 1. Cause-related conditions: Environmental pressures, changing expectations of customers and employees, lack of economic infrastructure of the country, lack of bank lending, lack of Legal protection, rival access to competitive advantages, lack of specialized workforce, diversity of cultural, ethnicity and race of customers, negative news and rumors, the possibility of forging tickets and unauthorized entry, economic problems of the community. 2. interferer conditions; Low level of employee’s satisfaction; Cost of new equipment; some physical characteristics of the building. 3. Context conditions: Proper observation of hygiene, safety and security, geographical location, facilities and space, precise information system of financial function, staff and customer database, customer orientation, technology, communication and emergency systems, diversity and innovation In presentation of products, marketing system, branding approach, social responsibility
Discussion: The following strategies resulted from the above conditions that are: high level of demand and tourist attractiveness of the community, high incentives for private sector investment. the consequence of the proposed strategies are: encouraging customers and employees, upgrading the customer-oriented system and internal marketing, attracting private sector investors as an alternative to banking and government facilities, market research, improving reward, Motivating and evaluating system for employees, adaptation of organization according to the necessity of different ethnic groups and tourists, production of news and advertising messages to eliminate the negative effect of rumors and negative news.
According to the current research data, market research of sports businesses first requires an in-depth analysis of customer demand. Therefore, due to the strategies derived from the context studied in this study, the pathology of the structure of the water complexes can be further increased.