Short-term effect of resveratrol supplement on inflammatory and insulin resistance indices in response to an exhaustive exercise in overweight men
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1Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University
2Islamic Azad University, Bojnourd Branch
3University of Bojnord
Introduction: Vaspin and Chemerin hormones are the newest fatty acid suppressing hormones that have different biological functions, especially adipose tissue regulation. Resveratrol supplement can reduce inflammatory factors and even today it is known as an anti-obesity supplement. The purpose of this study was to investigate the resveratrol supplementation on changes in serum levels of vaspin and chemerin and insulin resistance in response to an exhaustive exercise in overweight inactive young men.
Methodology: 20 young men with overweight, inactive (mean age of 35.7 ± 3.26, body mass index of 28.73 kg / m2) were selected. Subjects in both experimental and control groups participated in one of the sports activities until fatigue (Bruce test). Then, the subjects consumed resveratrol supplementation in the experimental group (supplement) for 14 days. Blood samples were taken from the subjects before the beginning of the study and after the end of the 14-day period of supplementation. Subjects then performed the Bruce test and again performed the fourth blood sampling immediately after the practical test. Data analysis was performed using repeated measure ANOVA and P <0.05 was statistically significant.
Results: Changes in serum vaspin levels in response to an exhaustive exercise activity after 14 days of resveratrol supplementation in the quadruple stages of the study did not differ significantly between the two experimental and control groups (P = 0.414, F = 2.339) Also, no significant difference was observed for chemerin (P = 0.329, F = 965). But there is a significant difference for insulin resistance index (P = 0.018, F = 841).
Discussion: 14 days of resveratrol supplementation did not change the serum levels of vaspin and chemerin, but decreased the index of insulin resistance, as well as a significant decrease in body fat percentage.