Study of the Effect of SPARK Motor Program on the Development of Locomotor Fundamental Movement Abilities in Preschool girl Children
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2Assistant Professor at Yazd University, yazd, Iran
Introduction: Fundamental movement abilities are the foundation of specialized skills. In addition to development, environmental enrichment can also affect the development of these abilities. The purpose of this study was to determine of the effect of the SPARK motor program on the development of locomotor fundamental abilities in Preschool girl children.
Methodology: In this quasi-experimental study 30 girl children were selected from preschool centers in Yazd by available sampling. According to pre-test, participants divided into one experimental and one control group. The test of Gross Motor Development-Ulrich Second Edition (TGMD-2) was used as a measurement of movement abilities. Spark motor program including strengthening training, games, sports. The program implemented for 6 weeks and each week for 3 sessions and each session 45 minutes. After this time, The test of Gross Motor Development-Ulrich Second Edition (TGMD-2) was used as a post test. The uni-variate analysis of variance ANOVA at the 0.05 level and t test were conducted to compare means.
Results: The results showed that spark motor program group had better performance in locomotor fundamental movement abilities comparison of the control group. There was a significant difference between Spark and control groups (p <0.05).
Discussion: According to the results of this study, spark motor program has significant effective on developing the locomotor fundamental movement abilities in preschool girl children. Also the educational programs that were used in the present study can be a good movement experience for children. These programs can be used to develop locomotor fundamental movement abilities in preschool centers by creating the training opportunities.