Management and operation of sports supplements in men's bodybuilding clubs in Tehran
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1Allameh tabatabayi university
2معاون دانشکده
Introduction: Management, is working with human resources, financial resources and physical resources is in order to achieve the organization's goals by planning, organizing, leading and controlling operations, and sports management has a number of domains, among which are economic, commercial, marketing And financial sport has a special place in the global economy.
Today nutrition has a special place in the daily exercise program of athletes. By expanding and increasing our knowledge about body metabolism and exercise physiology, it was found that nutrition have a positive effect on muscle function, and gradually our knowledge about the role of certain nutrients in sports activities, Led to the growing expansion of products called supplements. Today, athletes use a variety of strategies to increase sports success, including the use of supplementary medication or nutritional products.
Methodology: The research method of this research was qualitative, which was conducted in the form of an interview. The statistical population was the male customers of the private and public sports clubs in Tehran. The size of the statistical society at the time of the research was all athletes of Tehran Bodybuilding clubs. Of this population, 30 were interviewed using random sampling.
Results: The findings from the research show that most bodybuilder athletes use supplements, in particular, illegal supplements because of advertising and faster efficiencies.
Discussion: Nowadays, due to the activity and competition of athletes to achieve sports success, they seek to obtain physiological, physical, nutritional and psychological superiority, which tends to lead to the use of food supplements. As a result, the use of sports supplements has increased in sports clubs in Tehran.