The effect of nerve marketing pricing tricks on the behavior of consumer shopping for sporting goods
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1Student Islamic Azad University Tehran Branch
2دانشجوی دکترای مدیریت بازاریابی و رسانه ورزشی دانشگاه ازاد اسلامی واحد تهران مرگز
Introduction: One of the important issues in consumer performance is the understanding of consumer decision making, which is always a concern for researchers, marketers and industrial managers. Following the frustration of traditional methods, new and combined methods such as neural marketing have been developed. Nerve marketing is a new branch of marketing research that studies the impact of sensory, cognitive and emotional responses of consumer marketing stimuli. The aim of this study the effect of pricing tricks neuromarketing on the behavior of consumers buy sports clothing.
Methodology: The statistical population of this study was consumers of sports goods. In order to estimate the sample size, software was used to determine the sample size, and the sample size Pass estimated at 610 people. It is worth noting that this research is descriptive and is a type of correlation study.A researcher-made questionnaire was used to collect data. The face and content validity of the research tool was verified by a group of professors and its construct validity through exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis based on structural equation model. For data analysis software Spss, Pass and Amos were used.
Results: Results of the findings indicate that fitting the structural model is in desirable conditions. And all five factors (price justification, exact price use, price justification for tangible and pictorial representations, people's perception of price, number of zero points in pricing) will be factors influencing consumer behavior. Also, the results showed that the selection of pricing strategies for nerve marketing could affect consumer behavior.
Discussion: Consumer behavior varies from person to person. Due to individual differences and the effect of different external forces on different people, consumers have diverse behaviors and these differences make it difficult to predict consumer behavior. Accordingly, according to the results, it can be said that paying more attention to the vast applications of neural marketing in the field of increasing brand preferences, improving the promotion of advertising messages and its effects.