Ranking the needs of the national football league spectators using the Kano model
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Introduction: The purpose of this study was to identify and prioritize the needs of the footballers through the Kano model. In the world's best-performing clubs, the audience's satisfaction is considered as one of the criteria for success. These clubs are heavily investing in improving activities that make audiences satisfying. Therefore, the creation and implementation of measuring devices and monitoring the satisfaction of viewers, the most important thing in improving performance, is the basic needs of clubs in Iran.
Methodology: This study is a descriptive survey in terms of purpose, applied research and in terms of method. The statistical population in this study was the Premier League players who had at least six games in the stadium. Our sample was 381 spectators who were randomly selected as cluster. The data gathering tool was a researcher made questionnaire. The validity of the questionnaire was based on content validity method and reliability of the Cronbach's alpha method (78%) and the method of two-half (71%) was used. In addition to the statistical tests of Friedman, Yu Mann Whitney and Kruskal Wallis, two methods of analysis of Kano's analytical methods sets the most frequency and method of analysis and prioritization of characteristics based on the best and worst grade of each attribute Used.
Results: The results of the research showed that in the group of basic requirements, structure and safety of the stadium, in the functional requirements group, the component of amenities and hygiene in proportion to the number and in the group of motivational requirements of the component, the benefits of membership in the fans were of higher priority and importance than other factors. . Therefore, it is suggested that more attention be paid to these factors, which will increase the satisfaction of viewers. Also, the lack of an appropriate mechanism for selling tickets is as easy as possible in the first rank disappointment factor.
Discussion: In conclusion, based on the results of the research, it is suggested that the managers of the stadiums of freedom and the football league officials in order to increase the satisfaction of spectators in their order, first of all, focus their attention on the obligatory components and functional dimension and ultimately motivate them. Given the importance of maintaining audiences, more research is needed on their motivational factors.