The identification and prioritization of the factors affecting the selection of sports investment purpose
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Introduction: The sports market is undoubtedly one of the most important and difficult concepts depending on the sports economy which can be placed in a range of productive, service, or composite commodities. Therefore, the present study aimed at identifying and prioritizing the factors which affect the selection of sports investment purpose.
Methodology: The research method was descriptive-survey of applied type. The statistical population included the professors and activists of the sports economy and a sample of 50 subjects were selected by Snowball sampling. Data collection tool was a researcher-made questionnaire. The validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by experts and confirmatory factor analysis while its reliability was calculated as 0.87 through Cronbach's alpha coefficient. Factor analysis method was used by main components method with varimax rotation for data analysis.
Results: The findings showed that the market size, legislation transparency, and lack of corruption were the most important factors affecting the selection of sports investment purpose. The other effective factors in order of importance were: tax rates and ease of repayment, ease of transfer of funds in or out of the country, tax incentives, development and research foundations, ownership rights and investment powers, public and international security, labor costs, and quality of transportation infrastructure.
Discussion: The increasing development of various demands for sport equipment and facilities, the national and international events of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, as well as the necessity of using the updated technologies and equipment requires the identification and prioritization of selecting the sports investment purpose. The findings of this study help the managers and macro planners of the country to provide the context for sports investment.