Effect of 10-week “FIFA 11+ Kid’s Injury Prevention Program” on Isokinetic Strength of Hip muscles in Soccer Players
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1assisstant professor at shahid beheshti university
2استادیار دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی واحد بوکان
Introduction: Recently, FIFA developed injury prevention program for children’s soccer named “FIFA 11+ Kids”. The effectiveness of this program in developing isokinetic strength in kids has not been investigated. The present study aimed to investigate the effect of this program on the isokinetic strength of hip muscles of Iranian teenage soccer players.
Methodology: Thirty-two soccer players from two U14 teams of Asian Vision league in Tehran province (mean ± SD; age: 11.48± 0.81 years, height: 1.46 ± 0.06 m, weight: 40.91 ± 5.65 kg, Body mass index: 18.95 ± 1.01 kg/m2), without any history of lower limb injury during 1 year ago, participated voluntarily in this study. they randomized equally into the intervention and control groups. The intervention group participated in 10 weeks and 30 sessions of FIFA 11+ kid’s Program. Isokinetic strength of the hip abductor and adductor were measured using the Biodex System 4 at 60° and 90° in concentric mode on dominant limb.
Results: The one way ANCOVA showed significant differences between FIFA 11+ kid’s program and control groups in the abductor (F=11.58, p=0.002, η2 =0.29) and adductor (F=22.43, p=0.001, η2 =0.43) muscle strength. Moreover paired sample t-test showed significant improvement in the FIFA 11+ kid’s program group from pre-test to post-test by 14.7% and 5.6% in the abductor and adductor muscle strength, respectively. The control group showed improvement only abductor muscle strength by 5%. But no significant changes were found for abd/add ratio between groups (p>0.05).
Discussion: FIFA 11+ kid’s appears to be effective for soccer training by improving hip muscle strength and may consequently preventing injuries among U-14 soccer players.