Institutionalization of Champion School Plan
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1department of physical education and health
2university of Tehran
Introduction: Participation in organized sport scholastic offers opportunities for students of all ages to be physically active and has been shown to help improve students’ self-esteem and psychological well-being Champion School plan is a new approach for sport scholastic competitions. The purpose of this study was institutionalization of Champion School plan.
Methodology: Qualitative research methods in which to respond to questions grounded theory is used. Several data collection methods such as interviews, observation and document review was conducted. The study populations were consisted of experts, teachers, specialists of schools physical education and school managers. According to the method of Grounded-theory, theoretical sampling was done. Simultaneously by analyze data using a three-stage open coding, axial and selective using version 5.2 software Atlas-Ti was done.
Results: Brand development of schools, extending the voluntarism in schools, increased motivation for sports competition between schools, identity to schools, increase sports participation of students, reducing public sector costing in sports, using the capacity of parents in student competitions were opportunities of institutionalization of Champion School plan. Results showed that Weakness of the instructions, awareness of school managers and PE teachers, and sport infrastructure of schools were the most important challenges to Institutionalization of Champion School plan.
Discussion: It seems that utilizing smart systems, revise the technical instructions, training of managers and stakeholders, get tournament eligibility, government support from companies and institutions supporting sports schools, conducting competitions in polar or league form could be useful to institutionalization of Champion School plan.
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