Explanation of knowledge-based economy in sport based on Grounded theory (GTM)
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1دانشگاه الزهرا
2An assistant professor in physical education, Teacher Training University, the Humanities
Introduction: Knowledge is considered as one of the most effective forces in economic and social evolution, since the knowledge is the most important source of knowledge-based economy, economics in sport has taken knowledge-based nature under the influence of the evaluation of the economy. The aim of this study was to offer a model of knowledge-based economy in sport.
Methodology: This study was conducted through exploratory nature and aimed at developing knowledge and cognition about knowledge-based economy in the field of sport. This research based on data search has a qualitative nature and uses the fundamentals Data Theory Strategy. In order to have a systematic model based on coding data; researcher used structural approach by Charms 2006. For sampling and deep interviews, Snow ball technique and aimed sampling used. Totally, 12 interviews done with experts and sampling continued so the research sees theoretical saturation.
Results: The findings revealed that knowledge-based economy is categorized into three levels: individual-oriented knowledge-based economy, organization-oriented knowledge-based economy and society- oriented knowledge-based economy which in the core of this model. the definition of the model of the knowledge-based economy in sports and its consequences include management, political, economic, health, technological and biological-environmental development. they are very important in sport economy and management.
Discussion: Identification of knowledge-based economy in sport and determination of its levels is important. Therefore, the necessary steps must be taken to provide the conditions of the knowledge-based economy through appropriate structures , policies, and the provision of the necessary environment and facilities in sport.