Empowerment among youth and sport offices’ staff
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Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University, Iran
Introduction: The aim of this study was to investigate the antecedents and outcomes of the psychological empowerment of the youth and sport offices’ staff based on structural equation modeling (SEM).
Methodology: The statistical society was included all staff from youth and sport offices’ in North West provinces of Iran (N=588) and among them, 250 people were selected as the study sample based on Cochran's formula. Research data gathered using Spritzer’s (1997) psychological empowerment, Seyed Javadin’s (2009) organizational trust, Bardnes and Metzcans’s (2000) leadership style, Brasfield and Roots’s (1951) job satisfaction, Moody’s (1979) organizational commitment and NanchiOn’s (1988) organizational culture questionnaires. After calculating the reliability of the questionnaires using Cronbach alpha coefficient, Pearson correlation and structural equation modeling were used to analysis data.
Results: Research findings indicate on the organizational trust and culture and also leadership as antecedents, and job satisfaction and organizational commitment as outcomes of the psychological empowerment. The strongest correlation was observed between leadership and culture, and the weakest correlation was observed between culture and empowerment.
Discussion: We can conclude that any increase in leadership, culture and trust scores, is adhere to improvement of the staff’s empowerment perception. Furthermore, any increase in empowerment scores adheres to improvement of the staff’s organizational commitment and their job satisfaction as well. Therefore, people with high degree of perception in organizational leadership, culture and trust show more high level of empowerment in their workplace. In addition, regarding to outcomes of the psychological empowerment, casual path between empowerment with organizational commitment and job satisfaction significantly was positive.