Iran''s football league organization brand personality
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1football federation
2هیات علمی/ پژوهشگاه علوم ورزشی
3Associate Professor, Kharazmi University of Tehran
Introduction: Nowadays creating powerful brands is the aim of many industries specially service base organizations. Iran football organization as a basic relation chain of Iran’s football should try to become a valid brand to be positively focused by the media and society and become attractive for business entities. So the aim of this research was to determine Iran’s football league organization brand personality using archetypes.
Methodology: To this extend, 14 subjective deep interviews conducted with experts, managers and advisers of football league organization. Research findings was reached through coding interviews in three levels using content analyses approach. About 191 codes were found affecting perception of brand personality of Iran’s football league. In the next level, these codes categorized in 7 concepts including management and planning, human resources, organizational nature, personal manager attributes, communications, environment effects and clubs effects. All these 7 concepts are the ways people precept the brand personality and they categorized in two way of experience and promotion.
Results: Eventually, current brand personality of football league organization was found to be “everyone” and suitable brand personality of football league organization respectfully were found to be “keeper” , “ ruler ” and “ sage ”.
Discussion: According to the findings, having developed plan for branding or rebranding, serving brand experts and advisers, correctly using public relations affairs, website, social networks and managing other media communications could control and shape the desired brand personality. Also, more operational alternatives was suggested to show the way due reach the best organization’s brand personality.