Meta-analysis of prevalence of ergogenic substances in Iranian athletes
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Paper ID : 1770-11THCONF
Assistant professor of sport science research institute, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: Nowadays, using ergogenic substances has become a major social problem in the countries all over the world, making a variety of troubles for the teenagers and youths. Using ergogenic substances is vastly seen among the sportspeople at different levels, playing a large variety of the sports, and even among non-sportspeople. The purpose of this study was systematic review and meta-analysis of studies on the prevalence of ergogenic substances use in Iranian athletes.
Methodology: In this review and meta-analysis the 15 studies were eligible for entry into the study and the number 8078 in the fifteen studies were investigated. After collecting and coding data in these 15 research, by using CMA software all data by using both fixed and random model was analyzed.
Results: The results of the meta-analysis conducted in this field showed that estimates point of taking ergogenic substances based on random model in male athletes was 63.9 and was variable between 50.6 to 75.3 percent. Also The prevalence of taking ergogenic substances in female athletes Based on the random model was 28.3 and was variable between 25.3 to 31.4 percent. The highest prevalence of ergogenic substances use was in bodybuilders, weightlifting, wrestling, swimming and athletics sports.
Discussion: The results of this study showed that the use of ergogenic substances and doping is an indisputable fact and as a social problem is growing and expanding. The use of ergogenic substances from athletic community permeate to non-athletic community and from men to women, If the politician not pay attention, the damage every day will be more develop in young people in our country.