Study of Influencing of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on Sport Brands
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1university of tabriz
2Faculty member
Introduction: The remarkable role of sport in modern society provides a unique niche for the industry to address social issues and seek benefits for consumers, organizations and the larger community. While, corporate social responsibility (CSR) deals with the relations between companies and society and specially it examines the impact of companies' activities on individuals. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to study the impact of corporate social responsibility on brand preferences of sports clubs' consumer.
Methodology: In terms of purpose, this survey was applied and descriptive study. According to Simple random sampling, more than 130 customers of Enghelab sport club of Tehran have responded to the social responsibility and brand preferences questionnaires that contains. The reliability of the variables is all within the acceptable range. PLS software was used to analysis of data in which two sections of the measurement model and the structural Model part were performed.In the measurement section, the questionnaire were reviewed and necessary corrections of questions were done. In the structural model, structural coefficients of the model were used to examine the research hypothesis.
Results: The findings showed that the following three areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): 1. Environment 2. Society 3. Stakeholders are influencing brand preferences positively and significantly. This means that there is a positive relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and consumer brand preferences.
Discussion: As a result, customers have a positive reaction to corporate social responsibility (CSR) functions in most cases, and have a negative reaction in the absence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) or negative and ineffective and inefficient corporate social responsibility (CSR) functions.