An analysis on study trends of sport entrepreneurship in Iran
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1An assistant professor in physical education, Teacher Training University, the Humanities
2A master in sport management, Tehran Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University
Introduction: The research always expands the knowledge boundaries in scientific fields and evolves all scientific systems such as entrepreneurship. Among some important factors influencing entrepreneur who can develop this process are business infrastructures, research, development and labor quality. Then, for business activities trend, a study on environment is necessary (Tsun, Pelut and Skinner 2004).
Methodology: The present paper aims to analyze the study trends of sport entrepreneurship in Iran with an emphasis on internal scientific researches which have been run using citation analysis and components-review-based content analysis. The research method is descriptive-analytical. The population is comprised of all published articles (in sum, 52 cases from 16 scientific journals) on sport entrepreneurship over 2001-2015. The data collection method was a studying, so archived databases and website of valid scientific Journals were used.
Results: The findings show that most of studies have been published in Studies on Sport Management journals. For research designs, the quantitative method has been used in most of researches (76.92%) and most of approaches are correlational (44.23%). The number of nationally printed articles over 2011-2017 was 82.69%. For most of them (71.15%), the research method was applied. In gender, the majority of authors (159.61%) are males. Most of researches had been run by two or three authors (76.92%).The most active publication on entrepreneurship is Studies on Sport Management Journal (34.61%)
Discussion: The results from this research show that the main tool in most of researches was a questionnaire. So, Interview and literature review have been used in a few of them for data collection. As a general, one says that researches on entrepreneurship in Iran have been significantly moved forward to be applied since 2011. In studies on entrepreneurship, it is suggested the native hypotheses and applied requirements from results and findings are emphasized and also, research policies are based on this principle.