Studying the factors preventing employees participation in sport activities and presenting the practical ways for increasing the participation
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1kashan university
2هیات علمی دانشگاه کاشان
3دانشگاه کاشان
Introduction: Most of pundits emphasis on exercises and body activities as an important factor in providing healthy and improving the quality of human's life. Exercise as one of the best choices for filling the employees free time in an organization and effective factor for increasing the exploitation of work forces. This research has been done with purpose of study the deterrent factors in sport participation of university of Kashan employees and presenting a practical way to increase this participation.
Methodology: This study has been a kind of survey study and it has been used questionnaire technique for gathering data .In this research all employees of Kashan university form the research community, and 113 members of university of Kashan employees have been analyzed as sample volume.
Results: Research results showed that there was meaningful correlation between organizational and managerial obstacles and level of awareness of sport activities with level of participation in sport activities. But there was not meaningful correlation between psychological obstacles (p<0.05,-0.0121), inside person (p<0.05,-0.185) lack of social support (p<0.05,0.027), time limitation (p<0.05,-0.345), environmental factors (0.05,-0.08). Also, based on the results of multiple regression, effects of time limits with 31%, organizational and managerial limitations with 30% and awareness of sport activities with 24% impact on sports activities of the employees of Kashan University in sports activities were explained.
Discussion: Results showed that for increasing the participation of employees of Kashan university in sport activities should take place necessary effort for adjusted and minimizing deterrent factors by making culture and appropriate situation and executing the practical ways for more participation of employees that improve physical health and increase efficiency.