Comparative study of preschool curriculum in Iran and several selected countries in terms of physical education
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Introduction: The purpose of this study was to identify and analyze the curriculum of preschools in the United States, Australia, England, Canada, China and Iran in terms of physical education. In this study, in order to provide suggestions for improving the curriculum of this course and the formulation of a curriculum for physical education of preschool school in Iran, the similarities and differences between the curriculum elements of the preschools of the mentioned countries in terms of the physical education course was compared.
Methodology: This study was a comparative survey. Required information was gathered through library documents (Iran's Basic Education Transformation Document, 2011; National Curriculum of Iran, Mapping 2010; Presidium Constitutions and Guidebook for Preschool Programs and Activities, 2013), Semi-Interview Organized with key educators, experts and keypads, as well as a search on the World Wide Web and the websites of the Ministry of Education of the countries studied.
Results: The results showed that all countries studied developed a comprehensive curriculum for pre-school physical education. They explained the elements of curriculum in their physical education curriculum.
Discussion: By contrast, Iran lacked a comprehensive physical education curriculum for preschoolers. Therefore, in order to qualify the curriculum of this period, it was suggested that a comprehensive curriculum be developed for the physical education course of preschool education in Iran. It is also suggested that the program should focus on the principles, objectives, outcomes, content, teaching and assessment methods, time, space and equipment appropriate for the physical education course, and training and recruiting trained work mentors.