Segmentation and measuring sports spectators’ involvement levels in Premier League of Iranian Football within the framework of the psychological continuum model (PCM)
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Introduction: Segmentation consumer society is one of the main activities of sports marketing and will perform in different approaches. A new approach to segmenting sports consumer is Psychological continuum model (Funk, 2001) Which classifies consumers into four categories of awareness, attractiveness, attachment, and loyalty. Funk (2008) identified these four stages with three dimensions of pleasure, centrality, and sign. In fact, the calculation of participation levels is based on points or scores that are derived from the components (or dimensions) of pleasure, centrality, and sign (Funk et al., 2014).The aim of this research was segmentation of Premier League Iranian Football spectators to the steps that contribute to marketing actions for the development of their participation.
Methodology: 670 male football spectator in the age range of 18 to 65 years who watched premier league randomly and voluntary were completed measuring the scale of participation football fans (Beaton et al, 2009). This questionnaire consists of nine questions and is based on seven values of Likert scale that measures three factors of pleasure, centrality, and sign.
Results: The findings on the basis of involvement facets (pleasure, centrality, and sign), and within psychological continuum model indicated that in Premier League Iranian Football teams, the lowest and highest levels of participation respectively related to levels of loyalty (17.2%) and attraction (32.2%).The results of confirmatory factor analysis also showed that multi-dimensional facet of involvement model is a useful tool for segmenting spectators in different theoretical stages.
Discussion: So event managers need to strengthen the attraction along with continuum movement to facilitate loyalty In the hope that loyal consumers will be adding to the attractiveness of the tournament by supporting their favorite team and purchasing season tickets. Overall results indicated Psychological continuum model can be used as a diagnostic and rationale criteria for segmenting of the sports spectators to guide sports researchers and marketers to design targeted marketing strategy..