Qualitative study of environmental factors affecting on fitness clubs
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Introduction: The purpose of this study was to investigate and analyze the influential factors on Iranian fitness clubs.
Methodology: The research method was exploratory and qualitative research with structuralism approach based on grounded theory. The statistical population was formed by managers and experts from the bodybuilding federation and the sports boards in provinces, the Ministry and departments of Sports and Youth, the managers of gym and some university professors consisted of 28 people. For sampling was used of Target sampling and snowball technique from 5 provinces and to achieve theoretical saturation, a total of 28 people were selected in this research. To collect data in the first stage studied library documents and review regulations, books and Internet sites and In the second phase of the interview, semi-structured questions were used. An interview guide containing the general and conceptual permissions of the research was sent to the sample before the interview day. The interviews were done immediately after writing, and three-step open, axial, and selective coding was used to analyze the data using Maxqda Version 10 software. In the first step of coding 270 codes was extracted. After removing the repetitive codes and combining the same concepts, the six main categories, along with the subcategories, were obtained. At last, these categories were named as environmental or external factors.
Results: The six main categories, including economic factors, attitudes, organizations and institutions, rivals, supportive factors and stakeholders and legal factors. Based on the relationship of the categories, the research model was extracted. The research model was confirmed by the focal group method.
Discussion: This model can help to create a healthy climate in the clubs, the creation of a stable income, generate employment in the clubs, cultural development and ethics, enhance customer satisfaction and improve society's attitude to the fitness clubs.