Market research in sports businesses: Creating entrepreneurial marketing and brand image in the minds of customers
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3Imamreza international university
Introduction: Sporting clubs inform the consumers about the brand through marketing activities and they create favorable image in their mind. Therefor, innovator marketers follow "entrepreneurial marketing" approach to represent innovative boundaries while they dominate old models. Therefor, this study has tried to investigate the advantages of brand image and entrepreneurial marketing compound to attract clients.
Methodology: Present research method has been in terms of applied aim and the kind of Correlation ,in this study. questionnaire was compilation of fixed information instruments that was distributed randomly amounts of 175 questionnaires among the clients of pools after calculation of validity and reliability (97% cronbach's alpha of the entrepreneurial marketing compound 94% Cronbach's alpha of brand image). Finally, collected data performed in two parts of descriptive statistic (the mean, standard deviation and frequency of data) Inferential statistic (Kolmogorov-smirnov Test, correlation Test, Regression Test, Binomial Test).
Results: The results of study implied that strong and meaningful correlation have existed between compound entrepreneurial marketing (R = 73%) and all its components with brand image of clients and the entrepreneurial marketing compound has ability to predict 53% of changes of clients ( R2 = 53). In the following , the results of the simultaneous regression Test showed that only the production components and price were able to predict brand image among the components of the entrepreneurial marketing compound. Finally, the processed structural equations model had been acceptable indexes.
Discussion: The field of implementation of specific studies can be represented by the subject of sporting entrepreneurial marketing compound. As according to the results of this study, it could make a distinct effect among other components, considering the two dimensions of creative product and fair price. Thus, it is necessary for the users of sporting services such as equipments modernization, arrangement of facilities, the various classes of the society including elderly, in order to provide diverse products and make a brand image in the clients of pools. Also, competitive prices (of course with a lack of quality) can be one of the effective and important factors upon brand. As regarding pricing spacial facilities such as classes installments, special discounts, discounted cards, and other discounts that encourage people to use indoor swimming pools for individuals, it can be considered actions to attract the clients of indoor swimming pools.