Design and implement a model based on diagnosis some of postural abnormalities in Android
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Introduction: The effects of a proper physical condition on maintaining and strengthening physical and mental power are not covered by anyone. Correct maintenance of the body can have positive effects such as self-esteem, well-being and high efficiency. If the body's poor maintenance status has negative effects, such as depression, it can lead to self-doubt. Skeletal abnormalities are commonly manifested for reasons such as inappropriate motor habits, poor motor mobility, inappropriate environmental conditions, and gradual features, especially in childhood and adolescence. These disorders are still not severe enough to cause serious problems for the affected person and bring him to the orthopedic surgeon, or he will have to use auxiliary equipment and a variety of braces and prostheses, and the patient's title will refer to the person. So there is the possibility of recovery and correction through compensatory and therapeutic exercises.
Results: The app evaluates the person's legs through the smartphone's camera and takes a picture of the facial structure of the legs and knees of the individual and evaluates the amount of parameters required in the programmer's content, the type and extent of the parotid and Genu Varum and Genu Valgum. Then, through proper video training of sporting exercises and appropriate application recommendations, it helps to correct the person's complications.
Discussion: The technical specifications of the program can be mentioned in the version of Android 4.1 above. Other features of this health software include an attractive and easy interface. The app also has a guide section as well as a control system for input information to detect knee anomalies.