Design Application for diagnose and improve neck forward syndrome
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Head and neck forward syndrome is prevalent in today's society. In this complication, the head and neck move forward and the neck becomes shorter due to a change in the way it is sitting and standing. This problem can be mild or severe and affects various factors such as type of work, age, neck arthritis, and its genetic factors. Because sitting for long periods of time, inappropriate sitting conditions, working with computers, inappropriate sitting conditions while watching TV, and in other situations, changes occur during your time spine. Head and neck problems usually improve with neck physiotherapy.
The mobile application evaluates the person's the head and neck through the smartphone's camera and takes a picture of the From Facing and sideways of the neck and head of the individual and evaluates the amount of parameters required in the Programming software matlab, the type and extent of the parotid and neck forward syndrome. Then, through proper video and picture, training of sporting exercises and appropriate application recommendations, it helps to correct the person's complications.
The technical specifications of the program can be mentioned in the version of Android 4.1 above. Other features of this health software include an attractive and easy interface. In addition, this mobile application will teach you how to sit and stand up and teach you ways to use it more consistently with your work environment and home to lower your pressure on your neck. He also recommends other treatments in addition to physiotherapy for neck and forehead.