The relationship between social responsibility with team work of sports teachers
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1Associate Professor, University of Jahrom, Jahrom, Iran
3Azad university baranch af Rudan
Introduction: The role of teachers and sports coaches in specific social and sports education is specific and one of the activities that sports coaches should encourage students in sports classes to do is teamwork. Also of the most important components of teachers' social development is their growing responsibility that which can be developed through teamwork. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between social responsibility and teachers' team work of teachers.
Methodology: The research method was descriptive correlational. The statistical population of the study consisted of all physical education teachers in Rudan city in three primary, secondary and high school levels in the academic. Their number was 72 men and women, and all were selected through a sampling method. To collect data, two standard questionnaires of Social Responsibility dimensions were used based on the model of Carroll and Cartimy Peter Honey. The research data were analyzed by Pearson correlation test based on the research hypotheses.
Results: The results showed that there was a significant relationship between social responsibility (r = 0.466), legal accountability (r = 0.334), economic accountability (r = 40.93), accountability Moral (r = 0.375) and humanitarian liability (r = 0.447) with cardiomyomy.
Discussion: Physical education teachers can positively influence team performance by educating and promoting social responsibility among students. Therefore, it can generally be said that the presence of dimensions of social responsibility among physical education teachers makes it possible for them to be passionate about performing athletic performances, and ineffective behaviors of each other, whether in team situations or in classroom situations and in society.