The Effect of Guerrilla Marketing on the Loyalty of Sporting Customers with the Intermediate Validity
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Introduction: Brands can be indifferent to the expectations of the customers. They must give all their activities and capabilities to the customer because they are the only source of return on the customers' capital. Therefore, the principle in today's business world is to create value for the customer, and this will not be possible without the knowledge of customer's wishes and preferences. Customer loyalty has many benefits. Including those brands can earn more money or customers who are familiar with the product will convey their satisfaction to other friends. Their ultimate goal is to succeed in obtaining and retaining the intention of re-purchasing customers. The cost of maintaining customers is less than attracting new customers, an increase in profits from 25% to 95%, can only be achieved with a mere 5% increase in customer retention costs. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effect of guerrilla marketing on the loyalty of customers of authentic sports brands with the mediating validity of creditworthiness among sports clients in Karaj.
Methodology: The current research is applied in terms of purpose and in terms of data collection method; a descriptive-survey has been done by field method. The statistical population of the research consisted of the customers of sport stores in Karaj, which were selected as a sample of 150. The data collection tools were Chen and Mao's loyalty questionnaire (2009) with a reliability of 0.91 and reliability questionnaire with four questions and reliability of 0.89. The questionnaire was also approved by several sports management professors The SPSS 24, SmartPLS 2 software is also used for data analysis.
Results: Findings and results of the research showed that guerrilla marketing has a significant effect on customer loyalty and this effect is indirect (t = 0.215 and β = 0.017). Also, guerrilla marketing has a significant effect on brand credibility with (β = 2.355 = 2.358) and credibility of brand loyalty (β = 0.07 = 0.074).
Discussion: According to findings and outcomes, branding and sports companies are expected to work on guerrilla marketing as well as social responsibility activities in order to be able to maintain their current customers through this process. And then take steps to attract new customers.